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  • Best Genealogy Websites to Trace Your Origins

    Best Genealogy Websites to Trace Your Origins

    By Sun - June 25, 2014

    The axiom “know where you come from” still holds true. Looking at one’s family tree can teach more than one’s ethnical components and brush aside any annoying confusion on your identity. If you’ve been told that your ancestor was a vaguely Hispanic-looking man who claimed to be Italian but may or may not have emigrated from Japan, you might as well be called Mario. Or Mario III. See what I’m saying? read more

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Reconnecting with the stories and origins of your ancestors may help you discover things you never knew about yourself. Ancestry has one of the largest collections of historical records to help individuals create family trees and realize where they came from. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an expert or merely curious – makes it easy to trace back your family’s lineage. Start your family tree by signing up at and begin creating something your children can continue.

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