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Franklin Planner knows a thing or two about preparation. They also know a thing or two about preparing you to save a buck. With personalization of items, everyday deals, and quick free shipping, it’s easy to be excited about the savings one might attain when acquiring a new calendar, binder or bag.

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About Franklin Planner

Franklin Planner helps you answer the question: Where can you find professional planners, binders, bags, writing instruments and notebooks? Anything you need to move ahead in your professional life is available at Franklin Planner. You can shop for software -- desktop planning, mobile planning, online planning -- as well as shop for tech accessories, including iPads, Kindles, laptops and more. Visit Franklin Planner today and start making plans!

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  • 50% off Select Golla ProductsGet 50% off Select Golla Products from Franklin Planner.
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Savings Tips

  1. Get free two-day shipping by signing up for ShopRunner. It’s free, but you can try it for thirty days free. Franklin Planner is one of the participating stores in ShopRunner’s partnership.

  2. Sign up for Franklin Planner emails and get 15% off your next purchase. If you register your birthday, they’ll send you a birthday discount as well.

  3. Personalize your Franklin Planner products by clicking through the ‘Personalize It’ tab at the top of the homepage.

  4. Find extravagant deals once a day in Franklin Planner’s 1 Deal Day section. Clicking through the ‘1 Deal Day’ tab at the top of the homepage will reveal the offer. You can only shop through this window and the deal is nowhere else to be found on the website.