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As an H&R Block user myself, I only have positive things to say about my experiences. Not only does H&R Block provide the premier software for handling your taxes on your own, they also provide online programs for tax preparation and services. They make it so easy to find the perfect option for any situation. Plus! They provide coupons to get a great discount on whichever service you choose. Highly recommended.

About H&R Block

HR Block provides consumer financial and personal productivity software and online programs for tax preparation and services. Titles include the H&R Block at Home family of software products -- H&R Block Premium, Premium + State and Premium + State + E-File and H&R Block Home & Business -- as well as online tax preparation programs -- Basic, Premium and Premium + State. H&R Block’s mission is to help you achieve your tax and financial objectives by serving as your tax and financial partner.

Notes from the Video

H&R Block is one of the largest tax preparation services in the world. Since 1994, they’ve prepared more than 50 million digital tax returns, and continue to serve one in every seven Americans in preparing their taxes. You can file online or in one of their offices, and receive top-notch customer support every step of the way. H&R Block even goes as far as to attach their Worry Free Audit Support service to every package, which guarantees the support of a live agent if you’re ever audited by the IRS after filing with their software. If you choose to file your taxes with H&R Block, make sure to use H&R Block coupons and codes found only at PromotionalCodes.com.

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  • Free Online Tax PrepH&R Block Free Edition allows you to prepare, print and e-file your taxes. Plus, you get in-person audit support and unlimited advice from a knowledgeable tax expert. All for free! Ah, what a relief.
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Savings Tips

  1. Tax season is the absolute best time to file your taxes because often great deals on electronic tax preparation and software. When January strikes, you’ll see discounts as anywhere from 20-40% off.

  2. Confused about taxes? H&R Block has its own independent research and analysis division, The Tax Institute, for people like you. Read objective insights on federal and state tax laws and get in the clear.

  3. Depending on the intricacies of your situation, H&R Block offers a series of programs—Basic, Deluxe, and Premium. But if you’re a beginner, you can use H&R Block At Home for free, which is the best solution for first-time filers and people with simple tax returns.

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