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Education is a gift that keeps on giving, and Kelby Training is dedicated to the art of helping people learn everything from Photoshop to Lightroom. Members get unique savings on a variety products including Apple, Alien Skin and more. It’s advised that you sign up for a whole year instead of a month by month basis because you save a net of $50.

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About Kelby Training

With Kelby Training, you’ll learn all about lighting and flash, how to shoot wedding portraits, secrets to creating amazing Photoshop effects, and so much more from professionals like McNally, Dacid Ziser, Frank Doorhof, just to name a few. Kelby Training offers a subscription which can help you improve your skills in photography, graphic design and other similar fields. offers online courses, live seminars, books, and DVDs for everyone to learn more, no matter what level they’re starting at.

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Savings Tips

  1. Instead of opting for a monthly plan of $25, go for the annual membership and save $50 over the course of 12 months. You’ll also be able to avoid having to remember to pay your monthly bill!

  2. Members get special discounts on nearly everything, from camera gear to software, from laptops to lighting, from printing to plug-ins to everything in between. Scroll down the homepage to view the member discounts.

  3. The NAPP Renewal Bonus entails that Kelby Training will receive on extra month for free if users renew a membership.