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Free 14 Day Trial

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$6/mo Backup Package

Receive Backup Package for only $6/mo - Unlimited online backup for one computer.

$12/mo Briefcase Package

Receive Briefcase Package for only $12/mo - 2,000GB of cloud storage, synced between all of your computers.

$19/mo Pro Suite Package

Receive Pro Suite Package for only $19/mo - Unlimited online backup for 5 computers.

Reseller Package: just $59.95

Get Award Winning Reseller Package just for $59.95 (1 month contract) from Livedrive.

Learn About livedrive

It’s important to ensure that your computer documents are stored securely in case of computer failure. LiveDrive is an unlimited online storage and backup program that will save your important and private documents. understands that computer failure is inevitable, don’t be one of those people who loses their irreplaceable pictures from backpacking through Europe or their thirty page brief that took weeks to create. Let Live Drive give you piece of mind and backup your files now.

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