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Republic Wireless Promotional Codes & Coupons

Get $19 off Your First Month Service

What makes Republic Wireless so great? It’s deals like these. You can get unlimited Wi-Fi—talk, text, and data—for just $5 a month. That’s a whole lot of dollar bills saved. *No cell coverage.

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Receive 25% off when you bundle 3 or more accessories.

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Receive 15% off when you bundle 2 accessories.

Get the New Unlocked Moto G for just $149!

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Get unlimited Wifi + Cell Talk, Text & Data Plan for only $10/mo. *See site for details.

For only $40 you get both 4G LTE coverage and Wi-Fi (at all times). You get unlimited cell, talk, text and data for just $40 per month. See site for more details.

Receive Moto G smartphone for $149 with Unlimited Data, Talk & Text - plans from $5/mo - No contract.

Get Moto X for only $299. *No contract required.

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Receive a $19 one-time credit when your friends join with our Refer a Friend program. *See site for details.

Don't get married to a phone contract! Try for 30-days and get your money back if your not satisfied.

Expired Coupons

These coupons have expired, but occasionally are re-published. Feel free to try them out!

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Savings Tips

  1. Take advantage of the Republic refer-a-friend program. Each time a friend joins you’ll get a one-time $19 credit for Republic service, and so will your friend. Think of the free months you can rack up by spreading the word about Republic.

  2. If you don’t like the smartphone you get from Republic Wireless, you can send your phone back within 30 days for a full refund. You’ll get your money back for the phone AND the service.

  3. When you purchase a new Moto X phone, you’ll be able to switch plans whenever you like. You can switch up to twice per bill cycle as your needs change. This may come in handy if you know you’ll be taking a vacation that might require more cell data, but when you get back home you can switch to a better cell data plan to fit your needs.

  4. To see if you’re able to transfer your number to Republic Wireless, just sign in, click ‘My Account’, click ‘My Phones’, click on the link that says ‘Transfer my existing number to this phone’, and type in the number you wish to transfer. From there, click ‘Start transferring’ to see.

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