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    7 Ways to Save at Starbucks for Life

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Learn About Starbucks Store allows customers to order the complete line-up of Starbucks whole bean and ground coffees and have them delivered to their home for added convenience. The site provides detailed descriptions of each coffee, including country of origin or characteristics of the blends, as well as flavor notes and suggestions for other coffees that match preferred taste profiles. Starbucks Store offers a guaranteed, easy-to-shop site and efficient, affordable delivery every time.

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  2. My Starbucks Rewards, their loyalty program, lets you earn Stars each time you pay with a registered Starbucks Card, the Starbucks mobile app or by entering star codes from special marked products in the grocery store. They’ll even treat you to free drinks, free food, free refills and more. The more stars you collect, the more benefits you earn. The three levels are Welcome, Green, and Gold. See site for more details.
  3. Subscribe at Starbucks Store and have your favorite coffees and teas delivered to your door as often as you’d like. You can opt for automatic shipment, manage your subscription online and modify your order and deliveries to your liking.

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