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About Tune Up Media

The creators of Tune Up Media were tired of having mislabeled tracks, albums, and artists, as well as missing cover art for their albums, making iTunes’ Cover Flow feature useless. The solution that they came up with, TUNE UP MEDIA, automatically (or as they like to say, automagically) will clean up and add information about songs and cover art for albums, alert you to concerts, and more. TuneUpMedia.com has a free version and an affordable Gold version for unlimited clean ups and more.

Notes from the Video

TuneUp Media is the intelligent way to transform your music collection “automagically.” You’ll be able to do many things—like fix mislabeled song information, add missing album cover art, view lyrics and remove duplicate tracks with TuneUp’s products. At TuneUpMedia.com, you’ll be able to peruse features, downloads and the stores, all the while receiving great service from TuneUp’s support staff. You can also go to PromotionalCodes.com to begin accessing TuneUp Media coupons and promo codes today!

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