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“The TurboTax 2013 Software is their best yet, and I was able to sign up for the Federal Edition for Free. And wait- it gets better. If you buy an Amazon gift card with your TurboTax federal refund, you get 5% more on your Amazon gift-card. It’s a win-win!”

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When tax season rolls around, it usually affects your peace of mind. With TurboTax, efficiency and simplicity are guaranteed. There are tools to streamline the process of completing your taxes and an abundance of resources to refer to when you get lost. TurboTax is genuinely a user-advocate, so when the taxman comes-a-knockin’, visit this page to discover deals on tax preparation and software.

About TurboTax

Thanks to TurboTax your taxes have never been easier. Maximize your deductions with TurboTax Deluxe, file your investments and rental property with Premier, get faster refunds, claim your rebates and get support for audits, find answers to all your tax questions, fill out and send in forms online and get great money saving tips; all at TurboTax. Many features are available to try for free-so why not visit TurboTax today and pay your taxes the fast and easy way.

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TurboTax guarantees maximum tax refund, 100 percent accurate calculations, and No. 1-rated tax preparation software. TurboTax experts are there every step of the way so that you can get personalized support when you need it. With over 250,000 customer reviews and 200 million tax returns prepared, TurboTax has a well-established reputation as one of the most trusted tax services in the business. If you’re looking to use TurboTax this tax season, make sure to stretch your dollar all the way and use coupons and promo codes for TurboTax.

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Savings Tips

  1. TurboTax’s proprietary EasyGuide gives you step-by-step guidance, telling you exactly what to do with clear, easy-to-follow directions. Use EasyGuide like a GPS and secure your maximum refund.

  2. Unsure about taxes in general? TurboTax features tax guides and videos consisting of resources for college students, home owners, families, and general information on e-filing and taxes.

  3. TaxCaster, the TurboTax app, lets you estimate your tax refund. It’s a free tax calculator that comes in handy if you’re shopping around for tax preparation websites. It’ll reaffirm that you’ll receive the biggest possible refund at TurboTax.

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